Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Plan B

Well, I don't have one yet. But I need a Plan B. I show up for the body pump class at work and turns out that being 10 minutes early actually meant I was about 30 minutes too late to find a spot. One person reserves half the spots for her friends. I can't take that much time out of my day. A colleague has offered to take me to Curves this Thursday, so i'll give it a shot. I just don't want to pay for it!

What really gets me, though, is that I skipped my daily visit to see Katie today so I could work out and it totally wasn't worth it. I didn't realize how much those visits meant to me until this evening when I missed her so badly it hurt. I've managed to compartmentalize my work life from my home life, so I don't dwell on missing Katie too much usually. But when your baby starts screaming the second you enter the classroom, it's heartbreaking, especially when she is all smiles when finally picked up. Good to know I'm needed...

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