Monday, September 8, 2008

Knowing my place

Today a colleague gave his first presentation. It went very differently from mine. While my presentation ended up leaving lots of questions unanswered due to my complete lack of expertise on the subject--FYI it was only for practicing presentation skills, not building expertise necessarily--this one had very little that seemed unfinished. I really wonder, though, if that's a correct assessment. I've always prided myself on authoritative bullshit, but with this group at work, I avoided pretending because these people actually DO know, unlike my previous audiences who tended to be completely unfamiliar with the subject matter. We'll see how the next one goes, both for me and for the other newbies.

I'm having issues at work. Not with the work itself, but with perception. More later.

I have brown hair again. I got sick of looking in the mirror. It's not saturated since I only had one box of color, but i think it looks pretty good. I even managed to color my eyebrows.

The bread's almost done. Off I go.

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