Sunday, September 7, 2008

I know, I know

Yes, I am a loser. I go to bed so early that updating this thing just doesn't happen much. In the picture above, ignore the dudes. Katie looks so cute, though!

So I've been gainfully employed for 4 weeks. And I don't want to beat any of my coworkers...yet. That says a lot considering how intolerant I can be sometimes. I won't say much about it since I do not want to make enemies so early, but I will say that some of my co-workers remind me of GA Tech folks. I wonder if you've always got to have the same types of people at each workplace. The pleaser, the workaholic, the one who makes friends with everyone within 30 seconds, the slacker, the know-it-all, the dry wit....not sure where I fit into that. I guess I've always been pretty friendly, but I am also a know-it-all. I'm a gossip. I'm a ham. I just can't help myself.

The last time a dude held my hand was March 27, 2007. For some reason, the past week has been very very bad and I've been dwelling on this "dry spell". I've put that in quotes because honestly, I would consider a spell to not be 18 long freakin' months. Of course, if someone asked me out, what would I do? Would I say yes? Would I believe even one word that came out of his mouth? And anyway, don't I deserve this? I mean, I chose to have a baby outside of marriage. Did I honestly think it wouldn't be this lonely? Ugh, now I'm whining and I hate whiners.

I'm joining the gym at work to take the body pump classes. That way, I won't feel like whining anymore because I'll be too busy sweating. i don't have delusions of a hot body. I only want my clothes to fit like they used to without resorting to plastic surgery. Of course, I'd have to perform that surgery myself, and I'd rather not. Exercise would be much easier. I guess.

It is totally past my bedtime. Maybe I'll dream about something really juicy tonight.

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Fang Zhou said...

In your description of the same types of people at each workplace: the pleaser, workaholic, one who makes friends with everyone, slacker, know-it-allm dry wit, and your reminder of Ga Tech folks, I am wondering in your mind which character am I?
From my previous school/work experiences, I have been labeled as every one of these types! LOL!
Honestly, I am not sure which character description fits me the best either.