Sunday, February 8, 2009

Get with the program suburbanites!

So i was surfing around on babycenter in the green/crunchy moms group, and I clicked into a thread on line drying. I am totally sold on it. Even Ryan is. So once I move into his house, we're setting up a line in the backyard. We'll see how well that works--In memphis, line drying could lead to stinkiness. A weird industrial odor. But it might work. Otherwise, we'll set up the bonus room so we can hang stuff inside. Bound to save energy.

But here's the kicker. Some of the BBC ladies were talking about overbearing homeowner's associations who regulate the use of clothing lines. GET OVER IT, NEIGHBORHOOD NAZIS! We all know where the prejudice comes from. Only poor people don't own clothing dryers, right? Well, jump on the green bandwagon and let neighbors line dry with pride. That would be a selling point for me if I were looking to purchase in a certain area.

Of course, maybe line-drying is a gateway activity into drinking 40s out of a paper bag in the front yard...