Friday, July 18, 2008

Saving energy is for the birds

I just got another electric bill. This is after a month of sweating, running fans instead of the A/C, cutting down usage of the dryer, using less hot water...And it was exactly the same as last month's bill. Granted, it covered 3 more days than before, but I only saved a whopping $.65 a day by being miserable. What's next? Turning the a/c off? I just can't do that. GA Power did an energy audit on the house and suggested insulating the attic and getting fans. The landlord has ignored my request to insulate the attic. Do I have any legal rights regarding this matter? Anyone?

I suppose when I finally get a job--maybe soon--it won't be so bad because I can turn the thermostat to boiling temperatures during the day. In March when the lease is up, Katie and I will move to a more energy efficient place, even if it means downgrading in size. I don't really need all this space anyway.

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