Monday, February 1, 2010

Do we truly outgrow things...or are we just used to space?

The sales manager at the Honda place called us today. He said he was looking at the fact we didn't do the deal yesterday and wanted to know what it would take for us to buy the van. So I told him that we had been lured in by the W-2 deal, and he said he'd give it to us. So we're going in to the dealership tomorrow for more negotiation. If it doesn't work out, I'm through with that place. For good! If it does go through, I'm going to be ecstatic and sad at the same time. I really do love my Accord. Had it going on 3 years and it's been good to me. But I will truly enjoy having space in my car to haul stuff.

Now I'm thinking about our house. It is too small for us. I should re-think that. It's not too small, it's just not right. We have a grand piano in the living room. It takes up half the room. Our third bedroom has the laundry connections, pretty much making it anything but a bedroom since it doesn't have a real closet now. There is space for a stackable in the kitchen, so I think that's what we should do. Put a stackable washer/dryer in the kitchen and convert the bedroom back into a bedroom. That way, we can have a guest space and when we decide to have another baby, we'll have space for him or her, too. The other issue, though, is that we have one teeny tiny bathroom. It is truly problematic. So this house is not for a large family, but it'll do for now. Any cheap ideas on how to make this place more livable?

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