Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Home Sick

Today Katie is sick. We had to stay home from work/daycare because of it. Guess that's pretty good since Katie started daycare 3 months ago. I'm a little upset since it means I now won't have any vacation after Christmas. Sure, it's only one day, but it sucks that Katie will have to go to daycare that day unless my family helps out.

But anyway, the news is that Katie turned 1 on Sunday! I can't believe I have a toddler on my hands. She is standing on her own a little bit and will probably be walking before you know it. We had nice visit with her father's family in Augusta. Thankfully, they're coming to visit in December-that drive is a bear to do by yourself at night, especially with all the construction on I-85. Rain followed me the entire way to Atlanta last Friday.

And I'm seeing someone. It's really nice to have somebody who likes talking to you, wants to spend time with you, and even takes you out for a good meal every now and then!

Oh, crying baby. Gotta go.

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The Cohen's said...

Sorry you have a sick baby! I don't think there is anything worse. :( YAY for seeing someone.... it's always nice to know that there is someone there that just cares. ;)