Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here we go again

Well, as quickly as it started, it ended. No longer seeing that someone anymore---it's not a huge deal, not like I had invested a huge amount of energy in it, but the reason it's over is the same as usual. The shy ones are intimidated by my outgoing personality, while the ones who share many of my characteristics feel I'm in competition with them. I feel like I can't win, no pun intended. I love that movie Something's Gotta Give with Jack and Diane. The best scene is when Frances McDormand lectures Jack on how interesting women, unable to find a partner, end up pursuing hobbies that make them even more interesting, and therefore less attractive to men. Not every relationship/experience has reinforced that theory, but most have. So maybe I should become a playwright? Haha, not likely.

Katie's fever has come and gone again and again, so we're going to the doctor this afternoon. I am ready for drugs. Really. She is so miserable and so am I. So I'm having cookies for lunch.


The Cohen's said...

I'm going to say that they guys that leave don't deserve you OR Katie. :)
Hope the doctor can give her something to make her feel better. ;)

Starr said...

Thank you for your kind words!